Call for Nominations: Vancouver Island New Economy Awards

In 2014 we launched the VINE Awards quickly and simply and had a lot of fun. This year we are expanding that fun by building in community involvement and asking YOU who should be awarded these titles in 2015. Please send in your submissions by October 12!

Here are the details of each of the different categories we present –
and then you can complete the nomination form below!

In the spirit of the new economy,
LNE Co-producers Jason Guille and Nicole Moen


The definition and work of the new economy is a fluid and dynamic. It is an ever-growing and shifting context within which we work together to bring it to life. What seems to be common are some underlying wholistic capacities and ways of being that we think are important to acknowledge and recognize: Collaboration, Innovation, Integration, Regneration and Transition. These VINE Awards are intended to lift up and heartfully acknowledge some of the people doing important new economy work of scope and depth. We at Living the New Economy are profoundly grateful for their pioneering efforts.

1. Collaboration

We can’t make the coming economic transitions alone or in silos. Who on Vancouver Island has contributed the most ­ the most creatively, the most compassionately and the most consistently to the new economy ecology through their capacity to collaborate and co­create with widely­ranging people and organizations?
2014 Nominees: Ian MacKenzie, Lisa Helps, Jason Found, Danella Parks, Michelle Colussi
2014 Winner: Lisa Helps, Mayor, City of Victoria

2. Innovation

Vancouver Island attracts innovators and inventors. Who on the Island demonstrates the most pioneering, most creative, most practical innovation in the new economy?
2014 Nominees: Carol Anne Hilton, Michael Linton, Nicole Chaland, Anna Maria Paredo, Kristi Madder
2014 Winner: Michael Linton, Open Money

3. Integration

While ideas are great, who on this Island best models integrating the new economy principles and practices the most deeply and broadly into their day to day lives and/or business. Or, who best integrates their new economy work with that of others?
2014 Nominees: Brandy Gallagher, Gord and Ann Baird, Taylor Krawczyk and Solara Goldwyn, Carolyn Herriot, Linda Geggie
2014 Winner: Brandy Gallagher, OUR Ecovillage

4. Regeneration

Regeneration is a fundamental new economy underpinning. The more each action we make that serves the planet, the people and all living beings, the more that action generates another, or many other actions. Such work increases our capacity to resource ourselves and makes the new economy more robust and enduring. Who here most exemplifies regeneration?
2014 Nominees: Vu Ndlovu, Mike sSemko, Javan K. Bernakevitch, Joshua wagler and Nick Poeta, Guy Dauncey
2014 Winners: Joshua Wagler & Nick Poeta, Living Landscapes

5. Transition

It is clear that there is still a lot of work to be done to bridge from the ‘old’ economy to a new economy. It is tough work to generate the practices that help us all to make the necessary transitions. Who has contributed the most, the most creatively and the most consistently to enabling this transition on the Island?
2014 Nominees: Stephen Whipp, Meaghan Champion, Sarah Rose Robert, Rob Wipond, Rupert Downing
2014 Winner: Rupert Downing, Community Social Planning Council

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