Nicole’s Opening Remarks – A Day of Opportunity

Our gratitude to Butch Dick of the Songhees Nation for opening this day of events for us.

Thank you!

(hayi skqwa*)
*written in approximate English sounds for Lkwungen sounds

Good morning! It’s good to see you all.

(ayi squaychel)
(ayi kwinins quinonga hayla)

Let’s just take a moment to soak in the fact that we are here on unceded Songhees and Esquimalt territory. Where you stand, right now, used to be part of an enormous, managed natural food forest that helped to feed the people who lived in the area we now call Victoria. 60% of all First Peoples in the land we now call Canada are in British Columbia and the densest concentration of those are here on the south part of the Island and the surrounding islands and parts of the mainland in Canada and the US. There were no lines between their territories, they overlapped.

The language that I am attempting to learn and speak a bit here today, is Lkwungen, one of the locally spoken languages. There is only one person left who speaks Lkwungen as his first language, Elmer George and he’s about 80 years old. There are others who have learned or who are learning, but it’s different to speak a language as your first language. The loss for this and other languages of First Peoples around the planet is incalculable.


Hello! (ayi squaychel)

Let me just take a moment to place us all in time and space from a Living the New Economy perspective . . . .

This is a project that has occupied nearly every fibre of my being for the past 3 ½ years. As many of you will know, it started with a 3 am hit to do an event on money and that first event ended up being a 7-day 21 event Summit in Vancouver. Now I find myself about 65 events later. Here. At this 2 event Day of Opportunity!

So. Why are we here?

I’d bet that we can agree that the currently dominant economic system just ain’t pullin’ its weight here on planet earth.

It was a nice 250 or so odd year experiment – for some few
and it’s hard to let go of the dream it housed for us
and whether we asked for it or not
we all bought it.

It’s hard to shift into something else though.
perhaps because we might just have
to let go of the old
we have something else new to
hang onto.
or because
we might just have to face the real-ness of the
complex predicament
we find ourselves in
not knowing what the next step is
or just what the outcome might be overall.

So we ask ourselves:
Do we barrel blindly ahead as we are?
Do we sing happy songs, holding hands and hope for the best?
Do we throw our hands in the air, turn around, and stop caring?
Do we dig deep into our hearts and minds and come up with new or new/old ways forward?
Do we ignore the wake up calls and stay asleep?

Yes. I think were doing ALL of that.

Because it’s somewhere at the core of that mess that lies the
new economy.
It’s emerging from the place where all of these intersect,
the place where we say Yes
to all that
and hold them all
not knowing and unable to see clearly
it’s a place where we can allow ourselves to be surprised by outcomes we could have never imagined.

It takes a kind of faith
a faith, that like any faith, is a wager
a wager that both the knowledge we do have and our capacity to not know
that we each possess
are accurate enough to be a place from which to act.

We don’t know exactly what the new economy will look like for our grandkids’ grandkids
But we do know we have to live, and love, the new economy into existence.

And we do know that in this corner of the world the
new economy looks like you,
here, in this room.
right now.

And here’s my point . . .

Are needed.

Whether what you are working on is a flop – or it does OK – or it has new economic impact beyond your wildest dream of it.

You. Are needed.

Keep working.
And if you have to – pick up the pieces and start again from that new spot.
Because you are needed.
I need you. You need you. We all need you to keep doing what you are doing.
Keep doing the work in here (heart)
and the work out there in the world. (hands)

And. Eventually.
in the mess of it all
the rough edges and the mis-steps and the goodness and the substantiality
will all get tumbled
into a new economic thing of beauty.

And that
is worth working for.

Thank you! (hayi skqwa)

~ Nicole Moen, Founder, Co-developer, Co-producer Living the New Economy Events