Satellite Events



Join the Conversation!

The NEW ECONOMY is best experienced together, for this is where it lives! We’re excited to support the development & hosting of LNE GLOBAL LIVE Satellite Events – our partner organizations and communities simply get a room and a screen, and bring in all our amazing speakers – via internet livestream!  10% of the work.. 100% of the information.

Our wish is to work with people who want to host local LNE events of their own – as Satellite Events of the various events that we livestream from Victoria. As an LNE Satellite you have an opportunity to become an integral part of that conversation and to lead the way in creating new economy, one that works for everyone. As a Satellite you can host your own local LNE event which is connected directly to our workshops & conferences using state-of-the-art livestream technology. You can join us for a whole conference – or create an event around a particular topic such as Preparedness, Social Enterprise or Indigenomics. You will not only get to watch the speakers via livestream, you will be an active participant. Your group can be actively engaged in the conference, bringing questions and discussion topics to the speakers, and to each other in your own community.


How it Works

The majority of our current LNE events are in Victoria, BC, Canada. The LNE Satellites join us live via our state-of-the-art broadcasting system. On our end there are multiple computers, cameras, speakers, mics, cables, and technical crew – on your end, it can be as simple as a room with 1 internet-capable computer with a projector & screen. Some LNE Satellites bring in in additional local speakers and you are very welcome to do this too. Again, you can join us for a whole conference, or host a satellite event around any one of the specific days of one of our events.



Connect: As an LNE Satellite you get to custom-design your own local event and be connected to hundreds or thousands of people around the world who are engaged in the same conversation.

Generate Revenue: We support you with the tech and materials you need to have your event be a success and leave the economics up to you. You can charge what feels best for tickets to your event.

Make a Difference: As an LNE Satellite you are directly plugged into a conversation that can change the way we think about money, our values, sustainability and ourselves. That’s huge.


Revenue Sharing

One of the values of LNE is that everyone wins. Our goal is that your satellite event will bring in money and profitability to your local group by allowing you to sell tickets for access to well-known speakers and cutting edge content. We charge only an accessible base price for the stream & viewing license (depending on size of audience), and after your event you can let us know if your community wants to contribute additionally to our development work.


Two Types of Satellites

1) LNE Boutique Satellite Event: a public fee-based event of 0-100 persons
2) LNE Satellite Event: a public fee-based event of 100+ persons


What You Can Expect From Us

We will support you in hosting your event by providing you with a package of marketing assets including graphics, logos, descriptions, program details, speaker biographies and social media snippets. We will coach you in hosting a livestream event, and help ensure that you are well set up to receive and share our broadcast with your local community.


What We Expect From You

Our Satellites will play an important role in the event, greatly expanding the new economy conversation and community. You will be responsible for hosting your event, including finding access to a suitable location, including access to a computer and projector. You will also be responsible for selling tickets and getting the word out to your local community. You will operate at the highest level of integrity, ensuring the community has an amazing experience with Living the New Economy. You will complete a post-event report, helping us to refine the Satellite offering for future years!


What to Do Next

Jump on board! Start thinking about your Satellite possibilities for our upcoming Living the New Economy events, and connect with us to begin the exploration! Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to create & get the word out about your local event. If you have questions for us before you activate your satellite, please email Jason now.