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10:00am - 1:00pm , Friday, November 23
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Location: Peformance Works, 1218 Cartwright St., Granville Island

An opportunity to learn the marketing secrets of North America's most successful green, holistic, community-minded entrepreneurs. Attract more of the clients you want without ever sacrificing your integrity or spending a fortune.

It’s a three hour long , content-rich, roll-up your sleeves, nuts and bolts workshop. It's all about how you can grow your business and attract all of the right kinds of clients. Since 2001, I have traveled around North America working with conscious entrepreneurs just like you. Some successful, others struggling. And I've gathered quite the assortment of success stories and strategies right from the horses mouth. This session is my best distillation and collection of those practices and stories (some of them are pretty funny).

Tad HargraveTad


the two pathways...
The first entrepreneurs' pathway looks a bit like this: a large circular track with all kinds o goodies and people, an incredible new place to be. 'wow - this is cool! Look here, I can get a biz card with my name on it. Oooh - how pretty! I feel quite important. AND NOW A WEBSITE! ItsMe.com. I'm so happy! Oh my word, there are some people here making a really good living too - wow! And I rush on, noticing monochromatic folks 'out there beyond' trudging to their jobs. Whew - so glad I don't have to do that anymore. Let's GO!'

There are cool marketplace stands all along the way with people selling things and insights, little classrooms to learn stuff - and awesome awesome people that you totally gel with - walk with sometimes - everything you can imagine for your entrepreneurial journey - even smoothies! It's fun. Heady. Friendly.

But after a few trips around the loop, (months... years...) it's all well and good... it's all *great* sometimes... but... 'Where the effing god are all the clients, and my income!!!??. WHAT THE HELL?!! I thought by the time I learned what I needed to learn here, it would work out! And how is it it's working for some others? Now I am not even sure *what* to work on anymore. Maybe it's me. Maybe i'm just a dud at this.' Super depressing. This can be such a letdown, for some of us - one of life's biggest personal disappointments, confusions. It can even feel spiritual - like we've been let down by the Universe itself.

we sometimes think... 'But I know I've got cool stuff to share - even learned how to package it a bit. It's pretty appealing, and I'm a really good person who cares a LOT about others. What the hell else do you want?!

And why is it I can attract *some* business - just not enough?' 'You' meaning Universe and world full of people.

wtf is it with that?!

I think I know what's up with that. Now. Took me a long time to see it.

The wonderful, seasoned, and successful entrepreneurs who are helping us figure this new journey out - who have their market stalls set up, are really good at a thing that they almost never know that they're good at.

It is so natural or unconsious to them, they often don't see it. They might have been good at this thing all along, or more often, they have accidently become good at it *while* doing something else. You will also probably note that some of your colleagues that seem to be succeeding recently are now showing signs of this. one. thing.

In business, they have become comfortable in their own skin.

They wear their business more than 'do' it.

This is the hidden doorway I was speaking about. It is not hidden once you see it. In fact it's a grand archway. No one was hiding it, it's in plain view, and that's why no one thought to mention it to us.

When you see it, and walk through it, if you're like me... I think you might sit down and have a relieved little cry for yourself. Like holy shit. I made it.

'there is more to do, but now I see'

In the next LoveNote, I'm going to take you on a tour through the archway, so let me leave you with this:

on the other side of the archway, a little goes a long way, you need to be much less perfect or prepared than you thought you did, you can improve things very fast, and effort goes down. (ie - Melissa did not take Jon's hand because his lines were finally now perfect). It's a very FORGIVING place, and easier.

I think that beneath all the tools and techniques and mindsets in your business, there is only one 'thing' that relates directly and sustainably to clients, buyers, and income. Just one.

Your comfort in your own skin. Not confidence. Comfort.

Tad Hargrave