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2:30pm – 4:30pm , Thursday, November 22
Note: runs concurrently with Walkshop: Designing Cities for the Social Economy
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Location: Peformance Works, 1218 Cartwright St., Granville Island

An interactive session that covers not only the technical aspects of “making the pitch”, but also an often over-looked part of investment readiness – connecting and building mutually beneficial relationships with potential investors BEFORE you need to pitch. Get a comprehensive set of tools for developing and communicating your value proposition. Learn how to get people to help you and invest in your business.

The Stuff You Might Expect
Learn about the Business Model Canvas and Seven Domains Model, how they relate to a business plan, and how they can be useful to you and investors. Entrepreneurs should also be able to tell their story in numbers, so you will hear about developing financial projections, taking the guesswork out for investors, making assumptions, and knowing what leaps of faith you're taking. Communicating all this information succinctly and in different formats to different audiences is important, so learn what key messages you need to develop and what is typically expected in an investor pitch or presentation.

The Stuff You Might Not Have Expected
There is no “easy way” of getting investment. In an environment where there are a lot of new ideas and ventures, you need to make yourself discoverable and you need to discover your investors. You never know who is an investor. Learn about turning “networking” into “connections” that lead to building relationships. Learn how to get people to help you and how to think like an investor. Be ready to take risks by being curious and open, but balance that with taking the guesswork out for investors and not being reckless. Know what your story is, be able to answer when someone asks you “Why are you doing what you're doing?” and be authentic about it. Approach business decisions like getting investment with integrated decision-making – integrating emotion, intuition, and body with analysis. The session is an interactive learning session – there will be opportunities to practice connecting and making the pitch.


Bonnie Foley-WongBonnie
Michele MacreadyMichele