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11:00am – 12:30pm, Wednesday, November 21
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Location: Peformance Works, 1218 Cartwright St., Granville Island

Have a great small business idea that you’ve never put into practice? How can you make this idea flourish? We’ll draw on our experience working with entrepreneurs who have gone from idea to start-up and together come up with some steps that will help you turn your idea into a reality.

Have a great idea that feels too big to make a reality? We work together to break down big ideas into smaller, actionable steps.

Many of us have grand ideas that we think would make great businesses or ventures, but often the thought of turning our idea into a reality seems overwhelming and out of reach. 'I don't know where to start!....I couldn't possibly afford to start my own business.....It will never work.....What was I thinking?!?' According to a recent report from Intuit, more than half of Canada's small business owners started their business with less than $5,000 and more than three-quarters of small business sole proprietorships started with less than $5,000. This is remarkable! What it illustrates though, is that we often underestimate our ability to create something out of very little. There's a tendency to think of starting even a small business as a series of large, difficult, and, overwhelming steps that leave us feeling discouraged. Breaking your idea and those large steps, into smaller, actionable steps can build the confidence and momentum you need to turn your idea into a reality that you doubted was possible. Join us as we workshop ideas that come from the audience.


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