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2:00pm – 5:00pm , Wednesday, November 21
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Location: Peformance Works, 1218 Cartwright St., Granville Island

As Alex explains why it's unbelievably important... New economy is often thought of in terms of innovating the structural and social ways we handle money together. Yay! So important. And yet every hand that money and these ideas go through has its own individual relationship with money. One they may not be very aware of.

If we were a group of people designing a wonderful new way for horses to live, then we would have great ideas about their accommodation, their activity, their nourishment. We can create something no doubt, most welcoming, for a horse.

And yet... if we are all a little bit afraid of horses, to be honest, even parts of us deep down - from our childhood perhaps or Uncle Joe's story of being kicked by a smiling horse... then what happens is... we are designing structures and systems without the internal innovation that goes with it.

Quite frankly, horses know when we are afraid of them. We can still get by, but a course in 'getting to know them, like *really* know them', this would be an obvious addition to our learning as we design the wonderful horse world.

Likewise, in this new economy conference we have the best of the best addressing the structural ideas and understandings, and thank God they are, as I would suck at that. I am so grateful to these visionaries, and if I have something to add to this mix, it is that what I don't suck at is helping people see and find their internal innovation with money.

Let every dollar, euro, and barter that travels through these brave new systems travel also through the hands and heart of people who can heal it, love it, and give it a new job instead of frightening people.

In essence, we are trying to create a new environment in this world for money and people. a place where people can meet it differently, hold it, pass it, work with it, grow things with it like one would a garden to feed our community and children.

As the great innovators here work to bring this garden out of the past economic desert, and they will succeed, let's be ready for these new systems and honour them by doing our own figuring out. Let the next money or project that passes through your hands, even a bill for heaven's sake, be something that you are forging a brave new relationship with - a relationship you can pass along to others as you go.

These 'inner' relationships with money, I feel, collectively become much of the outer social reality about money. Put 30 million people together, call it a country, with 95% of them have unresolved fears and unconscious-to-them relationship with money... then how is the country likely to behave?

This is like 100 people building the new horse world, with 95 of them rather quite afraid of horses.

How do you really feel about money?

That is what we are going to find out in this workshop together. Be warned. You will have to close your eyes and meditate. Visualize. If you're brave enough for that... let's see what we're going to find.

How you feel inside about money will be the ultimate success of the new economy, and hope for it in the children who will eventually pick this movement up that you are creating now.

Picture them picking up money and work and social systems with love, gentleness, kindness, compassion, confidence... because someone before them once looked inside themselves...

Let's give them the best we can at an innovative and refreshing relationship with money.

See you at the workshop.



Alex BaisleyAlex