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9:00am – 1:00pm , Thursday, November 22
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Location: Peformance Works, 1218 Cartwright St., Granville Island

The social, economic and ecological flows of your business location: How to make your business location more sustainable and powerfully magnetic to your market.

This half-day workshop will be an exciting exploration of leading concepts of business location and the power of “place” that are based on both human networks as well as ecological and economic flow networks. This workshop will lead participants through an intense process of developing business place concepts that will be highly magnetic to their market and will stimulate a strategic rethinking of their business’s relationships with nearby businesses with an aim of achieving greater economic and ecological performance.

The first focus will be on a concept called Urban Magnets where participants will explore their markets from a different perspective (one of subculture activity groups) and then both see how powerful the physical characteristics and location of their business can be and how to make it more attractive or “magnetic”. Participants will then dig deeper into economic and ecological flows associated with their business through learning about eco-commercial networks. The second half will then focus on techniques of building stronger linkages with other businesses in ways that reduce their ecological footprint and stimulate greater economic success.

The format will be creative including educational presentations followed by intensive team working sessions to jointly explore and create exciting opportunities for their business.

This session is a standalone session but also serves as a strong preparation for the “Walkshop” to occur later in the day, in how to better understand the city as a fabric of emotional attachments and ecological and economic flows.

This workshop is facilitated by Mark Holland – a leader in sustainability and innovative thought on cities, communities, development and progressive business practices.


Mark HollandMark