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Living the New Economy (Vancouver Island) Nov 29-Dec 5, 2013
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Living the New Economy presents seven days of events that will converge businesses, non-profits, students, and 2nd career-seekers with opportunities in an emerging economic landscape on Vancouver Island. Explore the possibilities in local food production, sustainable energy systems, innovative housing and land ownership models, integrated transportation and alternative finance. The skill-building and educational programming will be delivered by business experts, mentors and entrepreneurs who are implementing amazing economic development projects that are local, wildly creative, sustainable and healing to our planet and communities.

We're pleased to have some of Victoria's best food trucks on-site offering hot food and beverages over meal times. Plan to come early or stay late and share a meal with new friends.

Friday, November 29

Embracing the New Economy: An audacious exploration into the emerging paradigm
7:00-9:00pm, Friday, November 29 buy ticket $15>> How do we leverage the innovation, know-how and resources in our communities to accelerate the shift to a new economic paradigm? Facilitated by filmmaker, Ian MacKenzie (Sacred Economics and Reactor), take a journey into what's possible right now and discover what the wisdom of Indigenomics and Permanomics can teach us. more>>

Ian MacKenzie Ian
Carol Anne Hilton Carol Anne
Ethan Roland Ethan
Donna Morton Donna
Lauren Dobell Lauren

Saturday, November 30

Tyler CarsonOpportunity Fair
9:00am – 2:00pm, Saturday, November 30 ticket by donation>> Join diverse entrepreneurs, enterprises and other big thinkers and doers for a day of innovative ideas and exciting opportunities. Learn what's happening in the New Economy locally, find where your creativity and energy can be applied now, and be rewarded. more>>

With musical performance by Tyler Carson.

Idea Jam

2:00pm – 4:00pm, Saturday, November 30
ticket by donation>> Tap into the co-creative power of our community to envision a future that is resilient, prosperous and green. The New Economy Idea Jam will mash bright minds, big hearts, hands-on experience and playful innovation into a juicy, exuberant vision of the future. Connect with folks who have ideas, projects and enterprises that could transform everything — food, energy, transportation, housing and finance.

Lisa Helps Lisa
Sally Ross Sally
Bill McKechnie Bill
Drew Rokbey-Thoms Drew
Sarah Amyot Sarah
Sarah Webb Sarah
Joaquin KarakasBryce
Matt McKenzieMatt

Poetry Slam
Emily Gittens6:00pm – 7:30pm, Saturday, November 30 buy ticket $5>> Join Victoria’s young spoken word poets for a thrilling ride of words, rhythm and a lot of finger snapping! Poetry Slam is an audience judged poetry performance show. Poets perform short poems with a chance to win cash prizes! MCd by youth poet, Emily Gittens. more>>

Bass for a More Beautiful World with DJ ROWAN
Rowan Sentesy7:30pm – 11:00pm, Saturday, November 30 buy ticket $10>> At the historic Car Shop Building with one of Victoria's hottest DJs. Your ticket will get you into the Poetry Slam for free! Beer garden and food provided by Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub and GuestHouses.

Sunday, December 1

New Economy Round Table Sessions (40-minutes each)
10:00am – 12:45pm, Sunday, December 1 buy ticket $15>> Short, rich, facilitated sessions on a wide range of topics to get your feet wet (or soaking) in the New Economy. more>>

  • Financing the Future
  • Business Models for Social Impact
  • Legal Literacy for Social Entrepreneurs
  • Non-profits Starting a Social Enterprise
  • Unleashing Community Currencies
  • Building Resilient Neighbourhoods
  • Collaborative Innovative Intelligence: What is the process of large scale social innovation?
Stephen WhippStephen
Nicole ChalandNicole
Lisa Helps Lisa
Clare YazganogluClare
Jason Guille Jason
Jason Guille Andrea
Di Lucca
Sarah Amyot Sarah
Monica Pohlmann Monica
Andrea Di Lucca Andrea
Di Lucca
Rebecca Pearson Rebecca
Heather Gordon Heather
Jordan Bober Jordan

Community Resilience through New Forms of Ownership
1:30-4:00pm, Sunday, December 1 buy ticket $15>> The costs of land, housing and commercial space are increasingly obstacles to community economic development and sustainable/affordable living. What if there were more affordable ways to participate in property ownership while living more lightly on the planet and enriching our communities? Join us to learn about inventive and robust ownership models that lower risk and increase regional resilience. Discover how local groups are advancing projects that employ cooperatives, co-housing arrangements, land trusts, ecovillages and more! more>>

Brandy GallagherBrandy
Rupert DowningRupert
James PrattJames
Kira Gerwing Kira
Dylan Sherlock Dylan



Permanomics: Applying ecological principles to future-proof modern economies
6:00pm – 8:30pm , Sunday, December 1 buy ticket $15>> Permanomics extends from growing your own food to making your passions profitable; it describes a model for living the new economy. Author Ethan Roland will explain the Eight Forms of Capital and offer a 5-step Permanomics Design Process, followed by a participatory project applying permaculture principles to local economic opportunities and challenges. more>>

Ethan RolandEthan
Ann BairdAnn
Tayler KrawcyzkTayler
Gord BairdGord
Solara GoldwynnSolara
Nick PoetaNick
Joshua WaglerJoshua

Monday, December 2

Marketing with Integrity in the New Economy: The true purpose of marketing (and it isn't attraction)
9:00am – 12:00pm , Monday, December 2 buy ticket $35>> When you care, when what you do is trying to make a difference in the world, it's even more important that your marketing is effective without compromising your integrity or your heart. This workshop gives you three things: a heart-based shift to understanding marketing, an organic model that dispels much of the discomfort with marketing, and practice developing a non-hypey, natural-sounding core marketing message. more>>

Mark SilverMark

Revitalizing Your Downtown Core - A Design Collaboration
1:00pm – 5:00pm , Monday, December 2 buy ticket $15>> How do we design a downtown core that attracts new energy, nurtures magnetic business clusters and births new social enterprises? Participate in a charette/design process that will map out a model for a rejuvenated, resilient downtown. more>>

Mark HollandMark
Joaquin KarakasBryce
Robert JawlRobert
Lisa HelpsLisa
Kira GerwingKira
Franc D'AmbrosioFranc

Social Media and Mobile Tech: Empowering the New Economy
6:30pm – 8:30pm , Monday, December 2 buy ticket $15>> Connectivity is greasing the wheels of a new local-centric, values-based economy where reputation and trust are the new currency and the mindset shifts from ownership to access. Think the success of AirBnB, Zip Car, tool libraries, and other collaborative consumption enterprises. The evolving consumer can now use technologies to do more with less by renting, lending, swapping, bartering, gifting and sharing products on a scale never before possible. more>>

David Van Seters David
Van Seters
Kim Newns Kim
Mike Rowe Mike
Nioole Chaland Nicole
Jason Guille Jason
Eric Dyck Eric

Tuesday, December 3

The Graceful Art of Selling in the New Economy: How to talk to potential clients with integrity and heart (and still get paid!)
9:00am – 12:00pm , Tuesday, December 3 buy ticket $35>> People may say they are interested in what you do, but instead of buying they tell you, "I'll think about it" before disappearing forever. When that happens five or ten times in a row, it's depressing, and scary financially. This workshop gives you a heart-felt, organic alternative to scripted, fake, manipulative approaches to sales. Especially for heart-based entrepreneurs, you can feel comfortable and be yourself in the sales conversation with a potential client, and still be effective. We'll work on handling emotional/spiritual issues with selling, preparing prior to the conversation, and the three parts to an organic yet focused sales conversation. more>>

Mark SilverMark

Starting a Regional Food Hub
1:30 – 5:00pm, Tuesday, December 3 buy ticket $10>> The Victoria Community Food Hub Society plans to create a food Hub in the CRD region including a commercial production kitchen, shared office space, and storage and distribution facilities for food banks and local growers while acting as a Social Enterprise incubator. more>>

Jason FoundJason
Dwane MacIsaacDwane
Danella ParksDanella

6:30pm – 9:00pm , Tuesday, December 3 buy ticket $15>> What can we learn from indigenous economies that prospered for thousands of years and what wisdom can we apply in solving modern crises? `Indigenomics’ is a phrase coined by Carol Anne Hilton, a First Nations person of Nuu chah nulth descent. Indigenomics is about understanding and exploring the Indigenous ways of being, the contrasts with modern economics and traditional systems and outlining characteristics of emerging ecological business models. Indigenomics is a modern expression of Indigenous existence. As we can see in Canada, the tension of this expression plays out daily through the legal and business relationship between First Nations, government and corporations. Indigenomics outlines the current and historical context, the shifting influences, the continuum of thought processes and lays out the invitation to participate in a new economy that includes Indigenous ways of being. more>>

Carol Anne Hilton Carol Anne
Meaghan Champion Meaghan
Ainjil Hunt Ainjil
Jacqueline Quinless Jacqueline
Ana Maria Peredo Ana Maria

Wednesday, December 4

Breaking the Log Jam - Business Organizing for the New Economy: How to create heart-centered systems for your business so it can carry you (and you can stop lugging the poor thing around. Oy! your achin’ back!)
9:00am -12:00pm , Wednesday, December 4 buy ticket $35>> Systems are often the bane of heart-centered, intuitive entrepreneurs, bringing up associations with heartless, dead-feel corporate voicemail and "We sincerely regret any inconvenience we may have caused." But systems are organic! Without systems, your body couldn't continue to live! Similarly, heart-based, organic systems are critical to an effective business. We'll cover the nature of systems, the three spheres of systems, an overview of the stages of micro business development, and then plunge into how to create a system that works. more>>

Mark SilverMark

Shared Spaces & Hubs for Collaboration
1:30pm – 5:00pm , Wednesday, December 4 buy ticket $10>> What does 'work' look like in the new economy? How do we design spaces for the kind of collaboration required to break out of our silos and truly work together? You are invited to bring your knowledge and perspectives to advance projects happening now around shared spaces and hubs. Local non-profits, social enterprises and entrepreneurs are marshalling their collective resources to create shared spaces in the CRD that turn rent into equity, offer enterprise-building services, and incubate local innovation. This workshop will seek input on local shared working space projects, providing an opportunity for the project leaders to engage each other and the broader community and to explore and map the types of outcomes that the projects may deliver. more>>

Sarah Rose Robert Sarah Rose
Susan Low Susan
Mandeep Sidhu Mandeep
Sage Baker Sage

Food For Thought: How a thriving local food scene and community support
can fend off the impending farmland succession crisis

6:30pm – 9:00pm , Wednesday, December 4 buy ticket $15>> This forum will bring the brightest minds from Southern Vancouver Island’s farming community together with key players from Greater Victoria's local food scene. Viable solutions to current succession challenges will be highlighted, discussed and presented. more>>

Craig SorrochanCraig
Michael NybergMichael
Elmarie RobertsElmarie
Guy DaunceyGuy
Nathalie ChambersNathalie
Linda GeggieLinda

Thursday, December 5

Lessons from Transition Towns
9:00am – 12:00pm , Thursday, December 5 buy ticket $10>> How DO we engage a whole city in building a new, low carbon economy? This session will introduce Transition Towns and focus on three key ingredients of the model: Communicating our Context for a new economy, Engaging Citizens and Multi-Sector Leadership. more>>

Michelle Colussi Michelle
Rob Wipond Rob

The Power of Raising Local Forms of Capital
1:30pm – 4:30pm , Thursday, December 5 buy ticket $15>> For many of us, a financial return of our investment portfolio isn't enough. We are demanding options that invest our money locally, minimize harm to the ecology, and support human welfare. Join us to discover existing local initiatives including the new Community Investment Fund, Community Trust for Ethical Investment (community funded "mortgages"), Community Micro Lending and others! And learn how you too can participate! more>>

Sarah Amyot Sarah
Brandy Gallagher Brandy
Stephen Whipp Stephen
Kate Fleming Kate
Rebecca Pearson Kristi

The Fish Bowl
Fish Bowl6:30pm – 8:30pm , Thursday, December 5 ticket by donation>> Think "Shark's Tank" or "Dragon’s Den" but with empathy — support local entrepreneurs and enterprises as they pitch a business idea to a panel of investment professionals and a cheerleading audience — for prizes!

The pitchers include:
1. Jenny Ambrose of “The Makehouse,” who has created an active local hub for DIY projects all on her own and has expanded beyond her capacity.
2. John Shoy, who is launching a consultancy to help homes and businesses design comprehensive installation plans for renewable energy (micro-hydro etc.).
3. Taylor McLeod, a UVic student completing a double major in Economics and Environmental Studies who has partners in other parts of the country, all moving forward to create a cooperative wireless telecommunications company called “Raven Wireless.”
4. Drew Rokeby-Thomas, who is ready for mass production and distribution of his designed “ART wind turbine,” and who will be doing demonstrations of his units throughout LNE.

5. Stefan Roodbol, who is launching removeANDreuse.com to repurpose and upcycle building materials while diverting waste from the landfill.


Our MC, Jason Guille, and three illustrious judges:

Jason Guille Jason
Graham Boulding Graham
Lisa HelpsLisa
Stephen WhippStephen

Join us for a poignant and celebratory closing to an amazing week, featuring the musicians, Twisted String.