Living the New Economy

When: Sun, Apr 21, 3:45 – 6:00 pm

Where: Novitiate Garden,
St. Ann's Academy, Victoria, BC


Healing Cities Institute Society Creatively United for the Planet





Tayler Krawczyk, Permaculture as Investment
Nick Poeta, Permaculture and Schools
Deb Heighway, Neighbourhood Farms
James Pratt, Land Trusts and Ecovillages
Bui Thordarson, Shifting to Local Building Materials
JC Scott, Eco Renovations as an Economic Driver
Dawn Smith, Low Carbon, High Efficiency Buildings
Sairah M. Tyler and Alix Flavelle, Co-working Spaces as Catalysts
Carol Anne Hilton, Community Economic Development Hubs
Andrew MacDonald, Transportation Hubs
Branko Mustafovic, Transportation Solutions
Matt McKenzie, Zero Waste Food Production
Scott Beatty, Ocean Energy
Lisa Helps and Sally Ross, Facilitators