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The Healing Cities Institute and EcoDesign Resource Society are hosting a week of events in Victoria, Nov 29-Dec 5, 2013, designed to energize, accelerate and celebrate the people, institutions and collaborations that are bringing a new economic movement to life.

These events will inspire new collaborations, facilitate new project partnerships, accelerate the work of social entrepreneurs, and showcase local innovation.

The "New Economy" encompasses:

  • economic activities that bring the human economy into greater balance with our natural ecosystems;
  • a movement towards a more equitable economic arrangement for people and communities, including more collaborative and distributed forms of ownership and greater economic democracy;
  • the building of economic, physical and social resilience in local economies and communities;
  • the "sharing economy", which includes collaborative consumption and the restoration of a more human and social element to economic transactions and other economic activities;
  • and the use of new technologies, especially communications and internet-based technologies, to make all of the above possible in ways they haven't been before.

The New Economy cannot be reduced to a strategy or an "idea" to be considered, but is an emergent phenomenon that is being manifest in many different ways all over the world right now, in response to the rapidly changing economic, technological, social and ecological environments. The economy is being transformed, and the question for stakeholders is "Do we wish to be leaders in this transformation, or followers?"

Living the New Economy is co-hosted by the Healing Cities Institute – a not-for-profit society dedicated to making cities places that enhance our physical, social, mental and spiritual health, and the EcoDesign Resource Society – a charitable organization. Since cities are made up of people and few things impact our social and mental health more than money, exploring different dimensions and approaches to the economy is key to the diversity, sustainable prosperity and health of any community.